Jennifer Garner On The Talk

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11 Responses to “Jennifer Garner On The Talk”

  1. pipelujan83

    She’s got the sexiest lips in the world… Makes me wanna get nasty with her

  2. Louis Farrakhan

    I wanna stick my tounge on her asshole

  3. millie578

    @NuclearNympho So true! She is so natural unlike Jlo and all!

  4. millie578

    I am in love with Jennifer and will always be!

  5. millie578

    @Jmswlks Mother fucker, you are one insane who goes on posting the same thing in every YouTube viideo! Ash hole! You were born fucking ur mom!

  6. mybluegems


  7. NuclearNympho

    Jennifer Garner is soooo sooo beautiful!!!

  8. hsefootball36

    You fucking weirdo what the fuck is wrong with you. Feet? Really? The fuck.

  9. Jmswlks

    If Jennifer garner was my mom, I would kiss her on the lips all the time and take showers with her and smell and lick her feet while she’s sleeping, and cover her big sexy feet with my cum, and I would play with her tits and rub my cock on her legs and feet as much as I could! I would masturbate constantly if Jennifer Garner was my mom! And I would also watch her having sex ith Ben Affleck and videotape it and jerk off to it and spy on her in the shower and pissing and shitting!

  10. Jmswlks

    I wanna smell Jennifer Garner’s feet on her 40th birthday today!

  11. aliasgirl47

    This woman is my hero!!!!!

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