Jennifer Garner

Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Jennifer Garner”

  1. Amber Chapman

    Jelous MUCH?????

  2. slapcatz

    Wow! you did a GREAT job on this vid. I adore Jen.

  3. sguardian870

    she looks like norrin from big brother uk 2009

  4. everybodyiskool99

    God she’s so beautiful… I really wouldn’t complain to having HER in mah
    bed… 😉

  5. Andrew Lockman

    i just want to poke her butthole

  6. canoeist2008

    great to watch i am a great fan of jennifer gardner thank you for putting
    on you tube.I have been trying to do a video for you tube but they are not
    good enough yet.I appreciate whats involved.

  7. 112010156922

    the most beautiful woman!

  8. Andrew Lockman

    u know ur into it dont lie

  9. dxsmackdown8

    id love to eat her pussy! WOW, SHES SEXY!

  10. Dexter Morgan

    she’s not just beautiful no,she is the definition off beauiful and there
    nothing that go’s over jennifer she’s stylish,she got class and sexabill
    and the sweatest laugh i ever seen,if i could mary one women it would be
    jennifer because she’s just perfect!!!

  11. Amber Chapman

    Ummm, no im not

  12. PuReHeNsLeY808

    i wanna marry her

  13. eveallori

    I love her…too beautiful and charismatic !!! Thanks

  14. scorpiansting1

    fugly without makeup!

  15. cannabisisgood420

    true, but there is just something about her that makes her so much more
    attractive. not sure what it is though.

  16. ray rey

    garner = superHot

  17. gayyyyyyyyyyyy

    jessica alba got nothin on jennifer garner!!

  18. Amber Chapman

    SHES MINE lol,,, BTW ima 14 year old girl lol

  19. Amber Chapman

    your a freak!

  20. songohan0

    she is gorgous!!!

  21. B.L.I. ©

    if i had to go with a women, i would so go with her she’s so hot!!!

  22. Erica Savoie-Charest

    she is beautiful,i loved the movie daredevil and 13 going on 30 with her 🙂
    😛 nice clip

  23. erdal0

    she looks healty with a good working vagina

  24. IriniAlyssa200

    isn’t Violet(her daughter) just like her?

  25. ilpontefice

    WOW SHE’S AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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