Jennifer Garner- Feel the rain on your skin

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25 Responses to “Jennifer Garner- Feel the rain on your skin”

  1. Victoria Lacy

    Luv this song

  2. LadyParis123

    In some pictures she reminds me of Bella from twilight

  3. basheermohideen

    lovely to listen the song while driving in rain on a freeway….

  4. nextgenaration456

    love this song and also her.Shes pretty and has a great smile!

  5. G1zZzmoo

    From where can i download song?

  6. MissUAE111

    nice song she has a really pretty smile

  7. VampirateBloodR8

    I think she used “Pan-teen” XD, if she using “Pan-ten” her hair’s gonna be
    mess up. Ha3 XD

  8. Michelle Far

    This song is AWESOME, it makes me feel good :0D

  9. rockonangel2001


  10. theseller31

    my brother sang to this song to his 4thy grade graduation! Although I love
    this song!!!

  11. Michael Gabriel

    i loooooooooooooooove your song it is so fun and coooooooooool

  12. ghazi hussain

    wtf! women r just trouble makers…. nothing more..

  13. slang22456

    she is dang sexy

  14. anahi136

    i love this song and shes beautiful 😀

  15. xHPluverx

    wow that looks like it took a lot of work!


    This is Natasha Bedingfield’s song! I think that what olesugar meant was
    that my choice of this song was good! That’s why I said “thank you”!

  17. webmastertool

    25 people can’t feel the rain on their skin.

  18. Billicent Macuse

    27 people do not use Pantene shampoo, either.

  19. Mirjam Vogelzang

    where can i find the songtext ? love this song!

  20. gracielynnstanferd

    I love this song I know word by word

  21. hasabi sultan

    she remaind me of anafree

  22. versan7

    she is soooo cute!!

  23. nida960

    what does ikr means ???????????????

  24. demonkogo

    my sis hates this song lol

  25. ferhat1111

    she is a decent girl i like that i wish all girls were like her.:)

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